John going back to USA

Hello Friends..

John's health have deteriorated and he was confined in Panama Sto.Tomas hospital. His tumor came back in the neck and is now experiencing tremendous pain without the relief of pain relievers. It has occur to me as a wife to get him in Panama and bring him back to USA. The Panama doctors were unable to help him over here and has suggested he came back to USA. His fighting till the end. As for the boat, we are forced to leave it in Panama under the care of Taboga Moorings by Chuy and Susan, same couple that watched over our boat last year when John went to UCSF for his chemo and radiation treatments.

Right now our plan is for him to get back to USA and see what is his other options. We are looking forward to sell the boat to help us out for the medical cost and perhaps keep us a float in this situation. Both our savings have been drain as well our friends and family. We cannot sell the boat in Panama unless someone is willing to pay for its price or atleast a decent price on how much she is worth. Our only hope that our friend will be able to bring the boat back in the US soil as soon as we get situated in USA. However to do this we need some finances to make it work for the boat to cross the canal and get it back to Florida. We have the crew to make it but we do not have the funds and working on it to raise it.

I am hoping John will respond to macrobiotic as others respond well on this. Only miracles is all I can hope and pray and God to watch over him when time is near. Not much to say but alot of prayers and hope we have all the strenght to face what is ahead and able to resolve issues. John's fear is that the boat will be wasted in Panama and unable to secure whats left on us. Right now, it has been a challenge for us and without our friends, families and supporters I will think that life wouldnt have taken us this far.

Thanks to all.


  1. I am sending you both my best wishes at this difficult time.